What should you do to winterize your home?

Even though it’s technically still fall, and the temps have been mild for the most part, true winter weather will be arriving before you know it. It’s not too late to prepare your property for the cold and snow. It may seem daunting, but being proactive can make it easier. A well-thought-out plan in the fall for home winterization can save time and alleviate stress as temperatures drop. Follow the steps below to prepare for the upcoming winter season.

Gutter Care  Clean gutters mid-fall, and doublecheck your work before winter to avoid clogs or backups.  Consider installing leaf guards to prevent debris from accumulating in your freshly cleared gutters.

Doors and Windows  Check for gaps in all doors and windows where warm air can potentially escape.  Weatherproof with caulking or weatherstripping for all drafty areas.  If not already installed, consider double-paned windows to increase energy efficiency.

Chimney, Roofing and Decks  Make sure to clean all chimneys and wood stoves prior to use.  Hire a professional to check for any damaged shingles or gutters.  Add a coat of sealer to your deck to prevent snow from damaging the structure.

Heating System  Replace the filter in your furnace.  Hire a heating/furnace expert to check your furnace’s efficiency.  Test your heating system before you actually need to use it.

Supply Check  Make sure you have a snow shovel and salt prior to the season beginning.  Store extra canned food and water in case of emergency.

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