License with PROmetro

Licensed real estate agents… are you looking to take your business in a new direction? Hanging your license with PROmetro Realty isn’t for everyone, but it may be perfect for you. Would you describe yourself in the following terms?

Successful Traits

Able to prioritize tasks and complete them with high accuracy.

Able to present oneself appropriately in behavior, speech, and attire.

Able to figure out what needs to be done without supervision.

Able to provide a history of sales accomplishments in a real estate field.

Able to meet deadlines and keep appointments consistently.

Able to put the needs of the client first and be a good listener.

Able to provide a history of academic achievements in a real estate field.

Office Options

Part-Time Office
Limited, co-working office space. This is an economical option for agents who don’t need an office every day.

Basic Office
Unlimited, dedicated, co-working office space. A perfect fit for agents who come to the office daily. 24-hour access.

Full Office
Unlimited and dedicated office room. This fits the needs of busy agents wanting their own office. 24-hour access.

Agents are billed according to preferences allowing great flexibility.

You should be proud of your real estate career and the company you license under. How about a network of like-minded agents and a company that shares your values? It might be just the change you’ve been looking for.

Please, fill out the form below if you are interested in learning more about transferring your license with PROmetro Realty. If you have been given a password to view more information, click here.

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