Mitch & Beth’s Home Story

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     Working in real estate, I assist people in all different stages of life and in diverse situations. This can make my job challenging at times. However, this couple’s latest home journey was not one of those times! Let me introduce you to Mitch and Beth, some of the kindest people you could meet in Des Moines! I had worked with Mitch on the purchase of his last home just a couple of years ago (before he was married). Boy, have things changed for him and for the good!

Fast forward to the summer of 2018… Mitch and Beth are married and they have a baby on the way (oh and a cute little dog of course)! When they first contacted me about a house they were interested in, I was happy to get them in for a tour right away. Rarely do my clients look at only one home before buying. So, I suggested they check out some new construction homes for comparison. We ended up looking at just one other home and that was enough. Mitch and Beth knew exactly what they wanted and I was eager to help them achieve it. So, back to the first home… it seemed like love at first site for them and now it was just a matter of getting their old home sold. We listed their home and had it sold the first day with multiple offers! A quick closing and an easy move (easy for me anyway), and they are settled in… awaiting the days for their bundle of joy to arrive!

After closing, I did an interview with this terrific couple. Here’s a little insight into their latest home journey…

What things do you love most about living in the Des Moines metro area?

Beth – I grew up in a small town so I love all that Des Moines has to offer for night life, entertainment, family friendly activities, the list goes on and on.

Mitch – Des Moines has a big city feel (arts, entertainment, food and sports) without all of the big city hassles (traffic, crime, pollution, etc.).

Imagine for a moment that you could live anywhere in the world. Describe this dream home setting.

Beth – Definitely on a beach along the East coast.

Mitch – While I am happy where we are now, I would love to have a home someday on a lake in the mountains.

You’ve reached a new rung on your housing ladder… what are some positive outcomes you are expecting?

Beth – Hosting more family or friend gatherings with the extra space we have now.

Mitch – I look forward to settling down and establishing roots in our new neighborhood.

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If  you were to pick a favorite space in your new home, which would it be and why?

Beth – It’s a toss up between the kitchen or covered patio. The kitchen has so much storage space and I feel the kitchen is sometimes the focal spot of a house. The covered patio is a perfect hang out on those ideal nights, although as we know from living in Iowa, those are hard to come by. Which is why the fan is great for those warmer nights.

Mitch – My favorite space in our new house is our back deck. It’s perfect for reading, entertaining, grilling and quality family time on a nice day.

Are there good memories of home from your childhood that you try to incorporate into your home life today?

Beth – We always sat down to have dinner as a family around the table so that has always been something I want to do with our family.

Mitch – I had a lot of good memories growing up and want to provide my family the opportunities and stability that I was fortunate enough to have as a child.

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For each of you and without discussing… If you came across $10,000 to invest in your home, what do you think your spouse would do with the money?

Beth – Without a doubt, he would build a theater room in the basement. That has always been something he’s wanted in a home.

Mitch – New furniture, decorations and her own master bathroom!

What motivated you to start looking at homes and what were your must-have items?

We are expecting our first child in January so with our growing family, we were wanting a home with more space and bedrooms. A three car garage was also a must!

What advice would you offer to a first-time homebuyer who is just getting started?

Beth – Make a list of your must haves and wants. It can be overwhelming going into house hunting so being prepared before you start looking can help relieve some of the stress of looking for a home.

Mitch – Take your time and don’t rush into a house. Know the market and make sure that you find the right home, in the right neighborhood at the right price.

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For each of you… How many places have you lived? Describe the most interesting one…

Beth – My hometown of Toledo, IA and Des Moines. I have not lived outside of Iowa. Coming from a small town, the “big” city of Des Moines was overwhelming at first but now I can’t see myself moving back to a small rural town. The amenities Des Moines has to offer and how easily accessible they are have definitely sucked me in.

Mitch – I have had the opportunity to live in different places across the Midwest and East coast (Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, and West Virginia). While each place was unique in its own way, they helped me realize how special Des Moines is.

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What qualities do you value most when choosing a real estate agent?

Beth – Someone who is personable, flexible, and is willing to be honest with us if we are being unrealistic with our search.

Mitch – We wanted an agent who put our best interest as a seller/buyer in front of their own. It was important that we found someone who was knowledgeable and could make the process as easy and seamless as possible. David Charlson checked all the boxes and we could not have been more satisfied!

Bonus question for each… Imagine if for one month you had to give up your cell phone, cable TV, or your home internet, which would it be and why?

Beth – Cable TV. With a baby on the way, I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend on my phone and watching TV. I find myself mindlessly watching TV often when I could be doing something productive around the house.

Mitch – I would give up cable television. Instead of coming home and watching our favorite television shows, it would give us an opportunity to have more quality family time.

It’s rewarding for me to see Mitch and Beth settled in their new home (which they have done up so nicely)! While not everyone’s real estate transaction may go this smoothly, the end result could be just as sweet! If you are looking to buy or sell a home, I’d love to hear from you!

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