Marc & Erin’s Home Story

       Marc and Erin first contacted me about wanting to move from their 11-year-old two-story to a newer ranch style home. I hear this very often from clients who are looking to have everything on one level with a finished basement for entertaining/guests. Some of my clients view many homes before coming to some conclusions about what they like best. However, with Marc and Erin, they had a pretty clear idea of what would make the perfect home as you can see from their comments below.

     We started off looking at resale homes and also had some new construction thrown in for comparison. It quickly became evident that new construction offered the best value. It’s hard to beat the feeling of owning something brand new and having the peace of mind of the new home warranties. Just knowing that you will be the first family to make memories in the home… the first to walk on the carpet barefoot… to know that all the dents and scratches you make can be blamed on you or your offspring (or your pets).

     Now Marc and Erin really loved their old neighborhood and wanted to find something very similar with a family feel and low street traffic. It didn’t take long to locate a lovely new home on a cul-de-sac street that had already been completed. This can be a good option for clients who don’t want to go through the process of picking out every finish and color (or put the stress on their marriage for that matter). Changes can always be made later to paint colors, hardware, and light fixtures if everything else is pleasing about the home and the price is right. There are obviously countless ways to personalize your home apart from builder options.

     I interviewed Marc and Erin to find out what their true motivations were for moving. This is a good exercise for anyone who is considering a move and I would encourage you to do the same. There doesn’t have to be any deep meaning here. It could be something as simple as needing more space or knowing you want to live in a better neighborhood. It’s easy for clients to get hung up on little details or must-have items. A little self-examination can get you on the right track to see what really matters and what is really motivating you. The following is a little insight into Marc and Erin’s motivations for moving…

What things do you love most about living in the Des Moines metro area?

We love the convenience of living in Des Moines – close to shops, restaurants, parks, etc. There are lots of things to do as a family.

How would you describe your ideal home city or state?

Our ideal home would in a friendly, safe neighborhood that is generally close to family, friends, and work.

What things does your ideal home allow you to accomplish?

Our ideal home would have lots of space for kids to play. It would have a spacious but cozy feel that would be inviting for groups to gather at our house.

What things do you love most about being at home?

I love the freedom of being at home, free to be ourselves. Free to lounge, watch our TV shows, play with kids and make messes. But most importantly, building memories as a family.

Are there memories of home from your childhood that you try to incorporate into creating a home environment today?

I remember lots of moments in the kitchen talking with my mom as she was prepping a meal. I like it when I see glimpses of that in my young children. The holidays bring back lots of traditions that we want our kids to grow up experiencing. An example is finding joy in giving gifts to family members on their birthday or for Christmas.


Where do spend the most time in your home and why?

We spend the most time in the living room because it has the most space for our little boy toys.

What features about your new home were most important in making your decision to purchase?

We really wanted more space in a living room/ basement for places to gather and play. We were also looking for a 3-car garage. An updated, spacious kitchen was also important.

What would you like to use your new home for that you were unable to do at your old home?

We would like to be able to host our small group from church, a group made up of 20+ adults/kids.

Were there any aspects of the transaction process that were a surprise to you or unexpected?

We were surprised at all the documents that needed to be signed! But it was very easy to manage since it was done online.


What qualities do you value most when choosing a REALTOR® to represent you?

We wanted a realtor that would listen to our requests and dreams and truly help us find a house. We wanted a realtor that would pay attention to the details we might not know to look for. We wanted to find someone that would adopt our strong desire for a new house and in a sense, walk this journey with us every step. We found it all in David!

     It was a real pleasure working with Marc and Erin and seeing their journey from start to finish. It’s a joy for me to have a hand in helping clients reach their housing goals. I get to see firsthand a lot of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come into play when people buy and sell homes.

     If you are looking to get started on your next real estate journey, drop me a line at I can usually help in some way no matter your timeline for moving.